How FeedPulse improves learning

Activate students

Get students more actively involved by letting them write down the feedback they receive. Students become responsible for collecting and processing their feedback, and are immediately confronted with their own behavior. Hereby feedback becomes more meaningful and part of the learning experience.


Stimulate linear learning

Ensure linear learning behavior of students by giving multiple moments of feedback. Students are forced to more evenly distribute their learning behavior over time, preventing a one-time reproduction of knowledge in a final test.


Get insight

Both students and teachers gain timely insight in student progress with all feedback accessible in one app. Teachers can give their view on student performance using smileys. The overview of smileys over time is called the pulse


Save time

Teachers save valuable time in the process of giving feedback. The teacher gives oral feedback, and the student is responsible for writing down this feedback. No need for post-its, Excel sheets and separate Word documents anymore.