Create a checkpoint

FeedPulse has the ability to provide individual students or groups with feedback they need. By create checkpoint teachers can easily initiate a feedback moment for one or more students or student groups. 

Give feedback

During class teachers give oral feedback to their students. By giving feedback teachers will reflect on specific behavior to reduce the gap between the actual student performance and the desired performance.



Fill in feedback

Obtained feedback will be summarized by students and written in FeedPulse.  By letting students log themselves the feedback they received, they process feedback more actively.



Rate checkpoint

Teachers rate the performance of a student with a smiley. The smiley shows an overall picture of student performance in terms of negative, neutral or positive.

Get overview with the dashboard

The teacher dashboard provides an overview of the performance of all students in the class. Red ratings may need some extra attention.

Get insight in the relative performance of students

By ranking students, teachers get insight in relative performance of students. Hereby allowing them to take targeted actions.

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Get insight in performance over time

Feedpulse provides students an overview of their performance over time. It’s easy to look back for previous feedback, as all checkpoints are on one page.

Get insight in performance compared to other students

Students get insight in their performance compared to other students. It makes students are stimulated through a form of competition. 

Optional self-rating by students

In order to better involve students in the feedback process and to make them think about their own performance, the students can add their own rating at the checkpoint. Self-rating could be grounds for further conversation.