The story about FeedPulse

FeedPulse is being developed by Drieam, a dutch educational start-up that specializes in smart learning apps. We know how important it is to build software that people love to use. We combine this with the best technologies build reliable apps that last. 

FeedPulse is based on didactic insights. Research shows longitudinal testing and feedback is a crucial component in learning.

“All individual tests are important measurements, but at the same time limited in value. The set of measurements, however, provides rich information to be able to take robust decisions.” (van der Vleuten, 2011) 

"Feedback is seen as an important element in formative testing. Filling the gap between actual performance and the desired performance is key." (Hattie & Timperley, 2007)

As a lecturer you want to educate your students as good as possible. In this rapidly changing world you want students to be prepared for jobs that do not exist yet, tools that have not been invented yet, problems that currently are not even recognized as problems and so on. To keep up with this changing world it becomes more and more important that students learn as effectively as possible.

I’m a proponent of longitudinal testing: a testing method that involves repeated moments of testing and giving feedback on these tests. Both parts are important in enhancing a better learning experience and learning process for students. FeedPulse provides us with this need and makes learning more meaningful for students and enables teachers to give a broad grading based on the multiple, diverse tests and moments of feedback.

Our students log their own feedback in FeedPulse and teachers can comment on it. By letting students log their own feedback, they process their feedback more actively. Moreover, according to students FeedPulse contributes to a nicer, more challenging and more activated learning experience. At the same time, the fact that students log their own feedback reduces teachers’ workload.
   Eric Slaats  Fontys Hogescholen


Eric Slaats
Fontys Hogescholen